Barbara Schelling


My Story

I am a retired graphic designer, living in Bigfork, Montana with my partner, Jamie, and two schnoodles. Bettywhite and Billie Bird. I love where I am – to live in a beautiful place is to never run out of inspiration.

I am a member of the Nakoda (Assiniboine) tribe and I’m continuously learning about cultural, personal, and historical aspects of my indigenous heritage. My mother’s family is based out of the Fort Belknap, Montana, reservation and have been storytellers, craftspeople, and artists going back generations. Seven years ago, I started painting the wildlife around me. In the paintings, I want to capture the details and anatomy of local birds and animals but add in a quirky personality through a fantastical embellishment and brief story. These illustrations reveal our own human condition: our fragility, our questions, our experiences, our emotions, and our humor. I want to create a connection between humans and wildlife – to foster empathy and compassion towards our wild cousins by proving that beauty, light, and humor are in the details.

Contact Me

Telephone: 208.946.7133

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